Pet Resort Fort Myers FL

When you need a quality pet resort you can trust, All American Pet Resorts of Fort Myers is the luxury all-inclusive resort for your dog! Our highly experienced staff provides attentive care 24/7. We are designed to keep your pet healthy and active socializing. Our facility has custom sanitation, ventilation and a technologically advanced air exchange system for clean indoor air quality. Our guests return again and again so we highly recommend reservations in advance for your dog’s visit!

Dog Boarding

You and your dog will love our all-inclusive cage-free boarding resort! An exciting day awaits your dog when they board at AAPR! Our luxury suites offer comfort and style. Your dog’s stay includes clean, fresh bedding, gourmet meals and daily play times with our other guests and staff! Each pet boarding more than 4 nights has the option to receive a bath before check-out at the owner’s expense.

Our comfortable accommodations include:

Vacation Suites – These extra-large suites come with a TV and web cam that allows you to check in on your furry loved one! These accommodations include extra TLC, multiple playtimes in groups or one-on-one attention, deluxe bedding, and extra treats!

Concierge Suites – These extra-large suites have a web camera for 24-hour access to see your pet. These accommodations include multiple playtimes in groups or one-on-one attention with a staff member, deluxe bedding, and extra treats!

Deluxe Suites – For dogs of all sizes or for families boarding more than one dog, these suites are the perfect solution! These suites include music, web camera availability and playtime with other dogs or individual playtime with a staff member.

Thunder Suites – For dogs who may be more sensitive to the severe thunder and lightning of Florida storms, Thunder Suites are extra insulated, have solid panel gates and are covered. These added features will help to keep the storm noise to a minimum to help your pet feel more secure and less stressed during a storm.

Book your dog’s stay today! They’ll want to come back again and again for a luxurious visit!

Dog Daycare 

Your dog will enjoy a fun filled day at our dog daycare! Whether they stay for a full day (12 hours) or a half day (6 hours) each guests enjoys socialization and exercise! We place our dogs in groups by size, age and temperament. If your pet prefers adult interaction, we offer one-on-one playtime with a staff member. Our daycare visitors enjoy our outdoor areas that are double fenced and covered in sports turf for added protection as they play. Our sunshades, mister system and fans will keep them at a safe temperature outdoors. We also have indoor play areas. To keep our dogs from getting overstimulated,  dog daycare offers their own rest suites for times when they need a break to keep from all the fun!

Dog Grooming

 Keep your dog looking their best with the help of our professional dog groomers! Our experienced groomers will keep your dog comfortable and stress free during their grooming session. We offer a full bath and brush out, brush out only, ear cleaning and nail clip and dremel. For easy reservations, we offer online access to book your appointment today!


Open 24/7 for pet drop off & pick up


14579 Global Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33913
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