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Selecting a Boarding Facility

For people like us, our pets are like our children. We take the same care in evaluating pet care as we do childcare. How can we be sure that the pet care facility we select will be a good one? Download our helpful article.

Selecting the Best Boarding Facility (PDF)

Selecting the Best Toys for Your Dog

There are no regulatory agencies monitoring the quality and content of pet toys. Therefore, it is up to us to educate ourselves on the best toy choices for our pets. Learn more by downloading our article.

Selecting the Best Toys for Your Dog (PDF)

Pet Health

Canine Cough

One of the public relations problems for pet care continues to be a much misunderstood ailment in dogs called canine cough, tracheobronchitis or often improperly referred to as kennel cough. As dog owners, it’s good to be aware of the facts surrounding this ailment.

Download our Canine Cough Fact Sheet (PDF) Read an Article from PetMD (PDF)

Canine Flu

Watch this video below to learn more.

View Dr. Michael J. Blackwell’s Credentials

Helpful Videos by Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Becker is a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian and an animal advocate. Her goal and ours is to help you create an awareness of wellness in order to prevent illness in the lives of your pets and not to provide any legal advice pertaining to such.

Newsletter Archive

Winter 2020
Stories Include: Pets Are Great for Your Health – Here’s Why…

Fall 2019
Stories Include: Holiday Food: What’s Not Safe for Your Pet & What Is!

Summer 2019
Stories Include: What to Consider Before Getting a Pet: Assess the Commitment; Do Your Research; Consider Supplies; Add up the Costs

Spring 2019
Stories Include: Common Pet Care Myths Debunked: “Dogs wag their tails to show that they’re happy;” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks;” “Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than ours;” “If your dog’s nose is warm or dry, it means they’re sick”

Winter 2019
Stories Include: How-To Guide for Giving Back to the Animal Community: Volunteer Your Time; Make a Donation; Collect Supplies; Foster a Shelter Animal

Fall 2018
Stories Include: Pet Safety Through the Holiday Season: Keep Harmful Foods Away from Your Pets; Take the Right Precautions; Decorate Responsibly

Summer 2018
Stories Include: Summer Pet Safety Tips: Prioritize Hydration and Shade; Never Leave Your Pet in the Car; Protect Against Pests; Stay off the Asphalt

Spring 2018
Stories Include: The Importance of Daycare Evaluations: Keeps Your Pet Safe; Keeps Other Pets Safe; Helps Us Form Proper Playgroups; Helps Us Get to Know Your Pet

Winter 2018
Stories Include: Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership: Keep Up With Preventatives; Schedule an Annual Wellness Exam; Provide Proper Exercise & Diet; Get Your Pet Groomed; Enroll in Training; Make Boarding Reservations Now

Fall 2017
Stories Include: Homemade Pet Treats (PB & Banana Treats; Sweet Potato Treats; Bacon-Flavored Biscuits; 3 Ingredient Salmon Treats; and Catnip Crumbles); Unsafe Ingredients for Pets

Summer 2017
Stories Include: Canine Cough Information; What AAPR Does to Protect Your Pet

Spring 2017
Stories Include: Pet First Aid Awareness Month; Pet First Aid Tips

Winter 2017
Stories Include: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

Volume 15, No. 1
Stories Include: Allergies in Pets; Understanding Dogs at Play

Volume 14, No. 1
Stories Include: The Perfect Dog Day; Dog Days of Summer; Stranger Danger; Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie Dog Treats; Your Money & Your Pet; Ahhhh-Chew; Training Tips for New Pets

Volume 13, No. 2
Stories Include: Toxic Jerky Treats; Summertime Weddings – AKC Tips for Canine Attendance; Summer Safety for Brachycephalic Dogs; National Dog Day

Volume 13, No. 1
Stories Include: New Locations; Seasonal Health Tip for Spring; Left or Right?; Homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats; Off-Leash Play Myths; The New Face of Ownership

Volume 13, Issue 1
Stories Include: Artificial Grass; Business Tip; Common Question… Our Suggestion; New Locations; The “Why” of Dogs; Have You Ever Seen a Rabbit Wearing Glasses?; Dear Dogs

Volume 12, Issue 4
Stories Include: Dog Ownership Contemplations; Is Pet Insurance the Choice for Me?; Pet Insurance 101; Holiday Reminder

Volume 12, Issue 2
Stories Include: The Condition of Unconditional Love; The Nose Knows; Piper Overcomes Gun Shot Beginning; Coincidence Creates an Unbreakable Bond; Dogs Deserve Better; Biscuit Takes the Bite Out of Thunder Storms; Teamwork Saves Shiloh

Volume 12, Issue 1
Stories Include: Iditarod – An Historic March Event; Depressed? Get a Dog!; The Right Tool for the Job; Golden Rules of Dog Training; Bandana Helps Lost Dog Return Home

Volume 11, Issue 3
Stories Include: A Great Dog Story Part 2; US War Dogs; Thank You for Naming Our Mascot; Study: Diseases That Kill Dogs Tend to Affect Specific Breeds

Volume 11, Issue 2
Stories Include: Please Help Us Name Our Mascot; Helpful Information About Canine Cough; A Great Dog Story Part 1; Doggie Ice Cream Treats on a Hot Day; Business Tip: Beware of the Low Bidder

Volume 11, Issue 1
Stories Include: Twenty-Eleven: The Year of the Very Satisfied Customer Experience; One Free Bite is All You Get; Speaking of Socialization…; Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Pet Business; Just For Fun: How Many Dogs/Cats Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb; Food for Thought: Lessons from Music Legends

Volume 10, Issue 3
Stories Include: Geriatrics and Pets with Special Needs; Dog Property Laws; Travel Alert – Your Car!; Apple Bran Cookies Recipe; Another Travel Alert – Pets in Cargo

Volume 10, Issue 2
Stories Include: Health Benefits of Dog Ownership; Ten Things Science Says Will Make You Happy; Ask A Nurse: Caring for Pets During Hot Summer Months; The AAPR Coloring Contest; Summer Highlights in the Franchise System

Volume 10, Issue 1
Stories Include: Calling All Kids Ages 5-10!; A New Strain of Canine Influenza – Alert; Ask a Nurse; What’s New in the Franchise; Business Tip of the Day

Volume 9, Issue 3
Stories Include: What’s New?; X Marks the Spot; Pumpkin Drop Cookies; It’s Cold and Flu Season; Brush, Brush, Brush; Why It May Be Time to Enter a Pet Franchise; Have You a Dog in Heaven?

Volume 9, Issue 2
Stories Include: Just the Facts Ma’am…; Excerpt: A Dog’s Wisdom; What’s New in the Franchise System; Summer’s Buggy Nemesis; Summer Foods that are Great For You But Not For Your Pet; Summer Recipe: Flee Flea Biscuits; A Note About Our Philosophy; The Case of the Terrible Toes

Volume 9, Issue 1
Stories Include: What’s in a Name; What Else Is New in the Franchise System?; Low-Fat Carrot Biscuits; Responsible Pet Ownership; Should I Consider Franchising in a Down Economy?; A Heartfelt Customer Email to the Owners; Animal Advocacy and The Obama Factor; Some Fun with Grooming


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